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Some of our recent Roars

Some of our recent client projects

ENGAGING Marketing Solutions 

Taking a Lion’s roar as inspiration to get your message heard across a crowded jungle of competitors, Roar Marketing provides branding, strategy, design and digital support.

Honest and down to earth, you can be assured that I will only create campaigns that I genuinely believe will deliver on your company objectives.

I’ve worked with a range of clients, ranging from architects to chefs and far beyond creating unique brands, successful marketing strategies and engaging digital campaigns that deliver results.

With years of experience and a genuine enthusiasm to help your business grow, I would love to hear more about your business, so contact me and we can make a Roar about it together.


An effective marketing strategy is key for any organisation wishing to generate enquiries, increase brand awareness, stimulate customer demand and drive sales.


We will establish a clear line of attack, aligned to your specific objectives and budgets.


People remember a strong brand and it is something we take pride in at Roar Marketing.


A strong brand impacts on everything both internally and externally, which is why we believe it's the key focus for getting your Roar heard!


Inspiring and unique design is a key ingredient to almost any company. To effectively communicate your brand ethos and offerings, well-considered design is essential.


In certain sectors, print marketing is just as key to really make your brand Roar.


We have an in depth understanding of all digital tools and which ones will deliver the loudest Roar for your budget.


Crucially, we understand that  it is the work that goes on before any campaigns are activated on the channel that delivers the true results. 

A few words from our clients

We take pride in all we do and love to share the feedback from our clients

"Jess was a real pleasure to work with, explained everything fully and genuinely had the best interest of our business in her plans. We've worked on a range of different projects with fantastic results, we look forward to continuing to work with her in the future"

Gary Fellows, Partner Architect - Studio-G Associates

"Our website is great and does exactly what we hoped and more, Jess is always on hand when we need her and puts absolutely into everything that we have worked on together."

Tim Cottee Christopherson, Owner and Artist, TCottee Art

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