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We can help you define your value proposition TO position you in marketplace and develop aN effective marketing strategy to engage your target audience.


An effective marketing strategy is key for any organisation wishing to generate enquiries, increase brand awareness, stimulate customer demand and drive sales. Roar Marketing will establish a clear line of attack, aligned to your specific objectives and budgets.

We work with you to develop a deep understanding of what makes you business unique:

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What problems can you solve for them?

  • Why do they need solving?

  • How do you achieve it?

  • Where’s the proof?

  • What makes you different to competitors?

We use this information to develop a strategy, focusing on achieving your most important goals.

From traditional tactics such as, print marketing and PR, to web design, content marketing, social media, ppc campaigns and SEO – we have the experience and network of experts to tailor marketing campaigns to meet your specific business needs. Every business we work with is different, but see below for an idea of the steps in our process:

Research, evaluation and planning

The initial step is to hold a joint research meeting with your key team members and stakeholders, to gain an in-depth understanding of your brand, business and marketing objectives, where you are ensured complete client confidentiality.

We’ll conduct market research, to gain in depth understanding of your marketplace. We will develop a fully costed integrated marketing plan to ensure all parties agree on the tasks to take place and assess the anticipated return on investment


Once the marketing plan has been signed off and final budgets approved, implementation of the marketing strategy takes place. We will provide as many updates as you require, so you feel entirely comfortable with the process.

Measurement and reporting

Regular evaluation and reporting will take place as part of any marketing activities implemented, to ensure they are performing as expected.

Our services are specifically designed to assist with start-up or small to medium businesses, that may not have the resources to put into a full time in house marketing team. Roar Marketing can conduct the hunt for you and plan the ideal marketing activities for the best ROI for you.

We provide fresh, exciting, dynamic ideas that are proven to deliver.


Every project is different which is why we'd love to create a Roar about yours! We’d love to chat about your marketing strategy requirements, so please get in touch today!


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